Grit Fuel Endurance Capsules

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About Grit Fuel Endurance Capsules

For more resilient endurance athletes:
• Maximize endurance
• Supports resilient muscle to assist with symptoms of over-exertion, speed recovery, and help address soreness & fatigue
• 167 mg of plant-derived Epicatechin to increase oxygen & fat metabolism, muscle efficiency and resilience
• 250mg plant-derived Quercetin, a natural anti-inflammatory to increase muscle stress tolerance, buffer inflammation, and facilitate recovery
• Fuels muscle repair and growth
• Supports peak Oxygen & Fat metabolism in aerobic training zones
• Aids VO2 Max and aerobic endurance
• Supports mitochondrial growth

What's Included

• 30 Capsules per Bottle

Suggested use: 1-2 capsules daily while endurance training

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We incorporate specific plant based micronutrients called flavonoids into all Freak Shake Products.  These naturally occurring antioxidants are found in plants like tea and cacao.  There are extensive published nutrition and performance studies linking our flavonoids to benefits including: *

  • Endurance
  • Muscle strength & cardiovascular capacity
  • Support for VO2 Max & oxygen utilization at the cellular level
  • Aiding fat metabolism to support performance in aerobic exercise zones


The extra effort endurance athletes thrive on can cross a fine line between conditioning and over-exertion.

Freak Shake’s antioxidant micronutrients have been shown to assist recovery in several ways that may help reduce the time needed to fully recover.

  • Assists Muscle Recovery by promoting blood flow & rapid nutrient delivery to muscles after exercise
  • Supports muscle growth which is an adaptation to exercise that occurs during post-workout recovery
  • Promotes Muscle Resilience by helping the body respond to oxidative stress, a factor that contributes to inflammation, soreness and fatigue when over-exerting in a workout.