Our Credo Freako

Our Freak identities were forged through conditioning, competition, and discovering our limitations. We did crazy things to test our mental and physical boundaries and then learned how to push through them to define new ones.  It was character building – but we didn’t know it then. The drive, the commitment, and the desire to experience discomfort just to heighten joy and accomplishment is a shared quality that as endurance athletes we extended into our full, broader lives.

What makes us Freaks isn’t an Instagram body, or extraordinary human feats. It’s a commitment to ourselves that we will do whatever it takes to be our best versions, fully knowing and welcoming the insane work and discomfort it takes.

There are a million brands appealing to ordinary human desires to feel better, look better, perform better. But we wanted to build a brand for Freaks like us, not ordinary humans. You know who you are, because you already understand the investment necessary to be all those things, and you’re probably already doing the hard work. 

Whether you’re 18 or 80, an Olympian or a Novice, Freak Shake was envisioned for athletes with that inner Freak drive. Athletes who already test their limits of endurance and exhaustion in training and competition. Athletes who have great days and bad days, but never average or regrettable ones.  Freak Shake Endurance Fuel and Freak Shake Grit Fuel are comprehensive endurance nutrition products, created to anchor the work it takes to fully realize your inner Freak.

The pursuit never ends!

Founding Freaks

Freak Shake Endurance Fuel is built around extensive peer reviewed science, not fads. Our Leadership team has over 6 decades of combined product and scientific expertise. 

Todd Newman, MBA

Freak Shake Founder

Todd has led the development and launch of hundreds of new products and brands for the packaged food and beverage industry for over 15 years. His experience spans functional food, beverage and supplements, every category of hot and cold beverages, frozen foods, shelf stable canned foods, chocolate & confectionary and snacks.

Todd was a Division 1 collegiate rower a long time ago, and after 30 years of retirement, recently began training and competing again. As often as possible, you'll also find him outside on a bike, a paddleboard or skis.  

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Byron Fergerson, M.D.

Freak Shake Chief Science Advisor

Byron is a Clinical Professor & Vice Chair of Anesthesiology at UC San Diego. With over 15 years of clinical experience with a focus on cardiothoracic anesthesia and echocardiography, Byron has additional training and experience in research design, academic publications, project design and development. He is a regularly published researcher and has advised or developed new products for multiple companies.

Byron is also an active masters triathlete, surfer, and jiu jitsu enthusiast.  In other words, the force is strong with Byron's Inner Endurance Freak!  

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David Stuart, Ph.D.

Freak Shake Chief R&D Advisor

David is the CEO of  Food and Nutrient Impact, LLC and a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. He holds degrees in Biological Sciences, Botanical Sciences & Plant Physiology. He is also an accredited expert in the FDA's regulation of supplement manufacturing. Dave had a distinguished 23 year career with The Hershey Company, where he founded the Hershey Center for Health and Nutrition and led a team of scientists studying the application of plant-based ingredients (like cocoa) to human health.

At Hershey, Dave became a pre-eminent expert on the function and benefits of the very same micronutrients we fortify Freak Shake Endurance Fuel with.

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