Freak Shake offers a one-stop rapid recharging station after hard or long workouts.


  • High Carbohydrates to rapidly restore depleted glycogen energy reserves in muscle.
  • High Electrolytes to support rehydration by replacing what we lose in sweat.
  • Complete Protein at an ideal 3:1 carb-to-protein ratio for endurance training – Promotes faster glycogen replacement than carbs alone, and supplies essential amino acids for muscle recovery & growth.


Each serving of Freak Shake products is supplemented with antioxidant micronutrients called flavonoids. Found in plants like cocoa and tea, they help tune the aerobic machinery inside muscle cells for peak efficiency. More efficient muscle translates to peak endurance.


  • 100 mg Epicatechin: A potent antioxidant flavonoid found in plants like cocoa and tea with unique properties for athletes
  • Supports Endurance by aiding adaptations to the metabolic machinery of muscle cells linked to aerobic capacity & VO2 Max

Check out our blog for a deeper dive into the cellular machinery of muscle and how it relates to endurance.


Resilient muscles recover faster because they are more stress tolerant during intense exercise.

Inflammation plays a crucial role in endurance conditioning.  The stress of exercise creates micro-trauma in muscle tissue that triggers an inflammation response. Some inflammation is helpful and necessary to summon the body’s repair systems and beneficial adaptations that build strength and endurance.

But when we over-exert or recover inadequately before our next effort, excessive inflammation can accumulate and impede our ability to exercise at full capacity, slowing progress toward fitness goals. If you’ve ever over-reached on a workout and feel persistent fatigue, soreness or mental fog the next day, those signals tell you the body is still dealing with excess inflammation and needs more recovery time.

Freak Shake’s antioxidant flavonoids have potent antioxidant properties that support resilient muscle and its ability cope with oxidative stress. Resilient muscle has a more forgiving inflammation response to stress, which may help reduce the need for recovery time.