Endurance Training Like Never Before

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Rapidly fuel the tank with high carbs & electrolytes before long or high intensity endurance exercise.


Fortified with plant flavonoids to promote aerobic output and endurance before your redline.


Antioxidant properties promote resilient muscles by offering some protection against exercise-induced oxidative damage.


  • 33g Carbs: We use cane sugar for rapid absorption (and delicious taste) to fuel muscle and liver glycogen synthesis before energy intensive endurance training.
  • 11g Complete Protein: Our drink mixes use a low protein ratio of 3:1 Carbs-to-Protein, shown to promote rapid glycogen synthesis compared to carbs alone. Get more from your carbs!
  • Over 1000mg Electrolytes: This is more than 3x the electrolyte replacement stack found in mainstream sports drinks. Our electrolyte blend mimics the mineral composition in Dairy with the highest hydration index of any beverage that's been studied (its index is equivalent to medical oral rehydration solutions.)


Fortified with Flavonoids: All Freak Shake products are supplemented with plant-derived antioxidants called flavonoids found in healthy fruits, vegetables, cocoa, and green tea (our source). When supplemented, these micronutrients have been shown to benefit a number of pathways linked to endurance including:

  • Aiding blood flow & resource delivery to hard working muscle cells
  • Supporting aerobic adaptations in response to exercise
  • Promoting oxygen & fat utilization. Accessing maximum oxygen and fat reserves is key to increasing output and stamina below anaerobic threshold.
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Fortified For Resilient Muscle: Freak Shake's antioxidant properties support durable muscle, especially when pushing the distance or intensity of your endurance training on hard days. Our antioxidants support resilience by:

  • Aiding muscle growth
  • Helping to eliminate free radicals that accumulate during endurance exercise and can contribute to soreness & fatigue
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Fuel your endurance performance with the ultimate performance drink mix.

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3:1 Carbohydrate-to-Protein for Rapid Glycogen Replacement

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