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Are you a Freak Shake Athlete?

Are you a Freak Shake Athlete?

Let your Endurance Freak Flag Fly!

Freak Shake Endurance Fuel launched today. We make elite fuel for endurance training and recovery. Here is our napkin manifesto.

Actually, we never wrote this on a napkin at a bar... more like a cracked whiteboard in a dank locker room... That's a lie. We typed this. And edited it a lot. At least 15 times. And it probably still isn't perfect.

But just like the beautiful strong Freak of Nature that you are, we too are a work in progress.

Do you celebrate the suffer?

Freak Shake stands for the extraordinary physical and mental effort it takes every individual and team to accomplish unordinary things. We endorse the gritty, sweaty, snotty, unseen, humorous, heartbreaking, and downright un-Instagrammable efforts that make you a little different than other folks.

Are you a no-ego athlete?

Sure, we'll congratulate you on your victories. We'll 'like' your accomplishments & share a post of you on a podium from time to time. But if you're training just to buff up your social media profile, then you may not be our kind of Freak. Our kind of Freak trains to elevate their team, not themself. Our kind of Freak isn't driven by accolades and praise. Our kind of Freak feels good just doing what they love and that is all the motivation they need. They are fearless enough to take chances, look bad, feel crappy, and even fail from time to time in pursuit of sublime performance.

Are you vulnerable, but tough as nails and strong as shit?

What makes a Freak Shake athlete is how the work gets done, not accomplishments and victories. The work. A Freak of nature is vulnerable and honest about the work. You can dread the work and love it the same time. It can hurt you and make you stronger at the same time. It can defeat you some days and take you to highs on others. If you do the work without complaints, but are confident enough to acknowledge how you felt doing it with your team and the folks around you who give a damn - that's the kind of Freak we want to train with.

Do you take you training more seriously than you take yourself?

We're serious about not taking ourselves too seriously. Because we know when you work this hard, it has to be fun and ridiculous a lot of the time. You're not a rock-eating cyborg, you're just a super human. And humans feel stuff. We suffer, we rejoice, we doubt, we question, we strive. We want to laugh about the absurdity of what it takes to be an Endurance Freak, and even occasionally cry over it.


Are you naturally curious but also skeptical?

Rituals and superstitions are a component of Freak performance, and we hope Freak Shake becomes a part of your training and recovery rituals. But our products must actually work to carry the Freak Shake flag. Which means our faith is first and foremost in science. We will only introduce nutrition products formulated around extensive unequivocal safety and scientific evidence. That means Freak Shake products will be composed of real ingredients, sourced from nature. Our products are always thoroughly researched and built around peer reviewed science. We will only include ingredients that have a reason to be in them, and never just because something is trending, new, or 'super'.

Freak Shake. Because ordinary people don't do what you do.

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