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Our Freak Shake Origin Story
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Our Freak Shake Origin Story

Freak Shake's Founder circa 1994 (the 4th rower in)

We were all endurance athletes before pursuing families and careers. Some of us pursued endurance sports later in life as a self-caring way to become better in our careers and relationships.  Either way, we’re all bonded  by a common Freakish mindset that’s unique to athletes who train to compete, not just play.

Our Freak identities were forged through conditioning, competition, and discovering our limitations. We did crazy things to test our mental and physical boundaries and then learned how to push through them to define new ones.  It was character building – but we didn’t know it then. The drive, the commitment, and the desire to experience discomfort just to heighten joy and accomplishment is a shared quality that as endurance athletes we extended into our full, broader lives.

What makes us Freaks isn’t an Instagram body, or extraordinary human feats and accomplishments. It’s a commitment to ourselves that we will do whatever it takes to be our best versions, fully knowing and welcoming the insane work and discomfort it takes.

There are a million brands appealing to ordinary human desires to feel better, look better, perform better. But we wanted to build a brand for Freaks like us, not ordinary humans. You know who you are, because you already understand the investment necessary to be all those things, and you’re probably already doing the hard work. 

Whether you’re 18 or 80, an Olympian or a Novice, Freak Shake was envisioned for athletes with that inner Freak drive. Athletes who already test their limits of endurance and exhaustion in training and competition. Athletes who have great days and bad days, but never average or regrettable ones.  Freak Shake Endurance Fuel and Freak Shake Grit Fuel were designed to be comprehensive endurance nutrition products to anchor the work it takes to fully realize your inner Freak.

Because the pursuit never ends!

Freak Shake Founder 30 years later, circa 2024 (Still looking out of the boat...)

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